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Attention, Edinburgh residents!

Anyone who knows me knows that I like a wee experiment, and if you’ve visited my lockdown project,, you’ll know that I get the value of an online marketplace!

So it’s brilliant to have been asked to supply Tasteback in Edinburgh. offer a fantastic range of foods from indie suppliers – and deliver them to your door on a Saturday if you live in an EH1-EH17 postcode.

Have a wee gander at our rather smart page, and the explore the other delicious delights on offer!

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Welcome back!

As Tiree opens up, I’m absolutely delighted to announce that Tiree Tea will be served in the Farmhouse Cafe and at Tiree Lodge Hotel!

Packs of 20 teabags are available to buy in the Farmhouse Cafe Giftshop, and at Buth a’ Bhaile.

And… If you are on the island and prefer to order online, I offer local next day pick up as well – order here and choose local pickup at checkout – and I’ll get in touch!

Welcome back, folks – mask up, wash your hands, keep calm, and drink tea!

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Keep calm and drink tea

It’s an interesting first season at Tiree Tea HQ. I was going to tell you all about my plans, but I used those to light the fire a few days ago.

Regardless! Keeping calm and drinking tea is how I am approaching this, so the ONLINE SHOP IS STILL OPEN!

Following on from the Government’s advice last night – that online shops should remain open and be encouraged – that is exactly what I am going to do for as a long as I am able.

I am aware of concerns about posties being overloaded as we all flock to order online, but as I’m far from being an Amazon warehouse, I’m hopeful that the impact will be small! There is a lot to figure out as we get used to this whole new paradigm! In the meantime, I am going to do all I can to minimise the additional effort and risk our incredible posties face.

I am fortunate that I work from home and don’t require to travel to get to work.

To minimise non-essential travel I will be dispatching any orders once a week on the same trip as shopping for essentials.

All these changes mean that there could be a delay in receiving your order. So please take this into consideration when ordering. If you are planning to order for Easter, then it’s best to order asap.

Your order will be safely delivered to your door by your local postie, in line with Royal Mail’s new safe delivery protocols.

If your order is for a gift then I will post directly to the recipient for you. This will save you having to repackage and deliver or post yourself. Just add in a note with your order and I will write it out in my own fair hand! It will really make someone’s day to get a present through the post right now!

Thanks for all your continued support. These are very strange times indeed.


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One experiment at a time – the birth of Tiree Tea

When I dreamed up Tiree Tea a few years ago, it was a pie in the sky idea. I thought the name had a nice ring to it., and then I filed it away under the “daft ideas” heading in my brain and let it marinate.

I finally decided to put the veg growing sideline on ice this summer (long story), and started throwing about the idea of tea again. In September 2019, when I came up with a 4 month experiment in order to test the market, the name still had a nice ring to it, and the idea was taking a clearer shape.

I decided to throw mself in at the deep end and figure out how to produce a product, market it and shift a designated amount of it between September and Christmas. If I hit my goals I would consider moving from an experiment (real though it looked), to an actual “thing”.

I learnt a lot – about producing a product, branding and marketing it, as well as actually selling it – never mind the intricacies of shipping things (the patience of Barbara in the Post Office cannot be understated.) I’ve still got a lot to learn – but it was a fun crash course for starters!

I set what felt like a scary target, and opened pre-orders on November 1st. Before I left for a Christmas break on the 18th of December, I mailed my last order. I hit 150% of my goal in 7 weeks. I didn’t expect it, but it made for a fantastic Christmas present.

If you bought Tiree Tea, drank it, gifted it, left me reviews and comments, or in anyway encouraged and supported me in person or on social media the last few months – thank you. You have been a huge part of my decision to take Tiree Tea forward – from an experiment I wasn’t sure would work – to a fledgling business. (Still got some Crofter in stock, just saying…)

What’s next? Well, in the next few months I’ll be adding two new blends to the current range of Crofter Breakfast Tea and Tilley Mint and Nettle, to make a total of four Tiree-inspired blends for the moment. There will be a few surprises thrown in too, though! I’m a big fan of experiments, and so the growth of Tiree Tea is going to be done in the same way as my wee festive test – one experiment at a time!

Will there ever be a Tiree-grown ingredient in the tea? I really hope so. Tea is legally a food, and therefore there are huge costs and investment associated with growing, harvesting, drying and incorporating local ingredients. I’ve got a lot to learn before I can think about it reaching that stage.

In the meantime, I will label and pack in Tiree. The blends and their labels have been inspired and developed with the language, stories, culture, plants and animals of the Hebrides in mind – particularly those of Tiree – and I very much hope you will taste that authenticity in every cup.