Where on earth is Tiree?

A small windswept Scottish island, West of Oban. We are famous for lots of things, including regular mentions on the shipping forecast, windsurfing and a stone which makes a ringing sound. This is an excellent guide!

What is a croft?

A croft is an area of farming land. A crofter would be the Scottish equivalent of a small holder. It is important to note that a croft is not a house. A croft can contain a croft house, but a house is not a croft any more than a croft is a house. Croft = land.

Is the tea actually grown/made in Tiree?

No. There are lots of reasons for that, the main one being that this is a new venture. Tea is considered a food, and therefore there are huge costs and investment associated with making it on location. Once I figure out whether Tiree Tea is a viable product with a future, I will start thinking about how we can incorporate local items.

So, what IS done in Tiree?

Well, I live in Tiree and work the croft. The ideas and inspiration came from time spent doing all sorts of tedious jobs (like weeding) with too much time to think… The packing of the teabags into the packets, and the application of the labels, is done in Tiree.

Also… And maybe most importantly, the blends are completely unique, and owned by Tiree Tea – I have drunk a lot of variations to make sure that they reflect their respective inspirations as well as possible!

Is the tea organic?

No. That is also an incredibly costly exercise. It would be high on the list of improvements in the future though. For now, we are small and lean whilst we figure stuff out.

But, are the teabags plastic free?

YES! 100% biodegradable and plastic free. The packets are not ideal, I know. See answer above re figuring things out.

Are the stories on the packets real?

Absolutely! The teas and the tales associated with them are all inspired by the croft, island features and local flora and fauna.

Will there be more blends?

Hopefully! I’m starting with two to gauge interest. So, if you like it, please tell your friends (you can tell me too!). If the tea sells, I will develop more blends.

Who did the artwork?

The artwork was done by Catriona Black of Black Prints. She is awesome.

Can I stay near the croft?

It just so happens that I have an airbnb. If the date you want is free, crack on! (Make sure you check there is space on the ferry too!)