The Little Grey Fergie

The fergie in the photo which inspired the branding of Crofter Breakfast Tea

The little grey fergie is a very special tractor. Not only did it inspire the Crofter Breakfast Tea, but it has a very special place in my family’s heart. My grandfather purchased it in 1947 – straight off the production line.

Rhoda’s Dad, Donald, driving the Fergie

It has been on the Coll View croft ever since, and to this day is still a working tractor. It doesn’t do anything too labour intensive these days, because it technically belongs to my father and I live in fear of blowing it up and never being forgiven.

To the best of our knowledge it was the first Ferguson tractor in Tiree (although that may simply mean that it rolled off the boat first!)

For tractor geeks, it is a TEA20, petrol only, Fergie. It was modified to run on 12v rather than 6v, and the starter gear was replaced with an ignition key at some point.

The view on the Crofter Breakfast Tea is looking past Eyebrow cottage in Caolas, with Gunna and Coll in the background.