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The Hebriteas are 4 breakfast tea blends from Tiree Tea – the Leòdhasach (representing the Isle of Lewis), the Hearach (inspired by the Isle of Harris), the Uibhisteach (combining North Uist, Benbecula and South Uist) and the Barrach (inspired by the Isle of Barra).

Like each of the islands they represent, they have a distinctive profile. And with four to choose from, you can truly taste the Hebriteas from South to North!

Harris tea - inspired by the Isle of Harris

Hearach Breakfast Tea

The Isle of Harris is synonymous with Harris Tweed, and so like the cloth, the Hearach Breakfast Tea combines beautiful ingredients to produce a perfect blend. It’s well rounded and full bodied with smokey overtones. Hints of campervans and a good yarn. And if you didn’t already know, Hearach means “someone from Harris”. Read more

Leòdhasach Breakfast Tea

Inspired by the Calanais Stones and the moors of Lewis, the Lèodhasach is malty with subtle earth tones. It’s a deliciously complex blend with a strong but loveable accent.

Leòdhasach means “someone from Lewis”. Read more

uist tea and a mug with a pony in the background

Uibhisteach Breakfast Tea

The Uibhisteach Breakfast Tea brings three unique flavours together – blending Indian Assam Black Tea, Sri Lankan Black Tea and Indian Darjeeling. There’s more than a hint of caramel as you open the bag, rounding off a perfectly formed cuppa – chust sublime with a biscuit.

An Uibhisteach is someone from Uist. Read more

Barrach Breakfast Tea

Barra is the island where the wee Twin Otter plane lands on the beach. Like the Twin Otter and the tide, the malty Barrach Breakfast tea is a dependable creation. It has a real depth of character, combining Indian Assam and Kenyan Black Tea. Barrach means someone from Barra. Read more

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