tilley the turbine and the mint and nettle tea

Tilley the Turbine

tilley the turbine
Tilley Mint and Nettle Infusion with Tilley the turbine in the background

Tilley lamps once powered island homes. Now Tilley the turbine powers community projects in Tiree. She was also the inspiration for the Tilley Mint and Nettle Herbal Infusion.

Initiated, implemented and managed by Tiree Renewable Energy Limited, TIlley has become a much loved and recognisable member of the Tiree Community.

She uses Tiree’s almost constant fresh breeze to generate funds which power the island “Windfall Fund”. That fund supports a huge range of community projects and businesses.

Tilley is a 900kw Enercon E44 wind turbine installed on the Ruaig Sliabh at the east of Tiree.

As an example of her capabilites, in October 2019, she generated enough to electricity to supply 89 average UK homes for a whole year.

Because I can see her easily from my house, I rely on Tilley to tell me at a glance which way the wind is blowing!

Tilley the turbine sits on a fairly damp bit of ground which is an ideal spot for wild mint. Wild mint is found all over Tiree. Therefore, whilst we don’t use it in the tea, the scent was one of the inspirations for the blend. Combined with the stiff breeze Tiree is famous for, and the abundance of nettles, Tilley the Tea was born!