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Spiced tea – warm up from the inside out!

spiced chilli tea from tiree tea

Our spiced tea, Ferry Berry Herbal Infusion, started out as a limited edition Christmas blend in 2020. We have added it into the main range for 2022 because it became clear that people wanted the delights of a chilli tea all year round, and we can’t blame them!

Ferry Berry spiced tea is a unique infusion of berries, spices and chilli. Because it is so wonderfully warming, it is loved by water sports enthusiasts, wild swimmers and walkers amongst others.

A flask of Ferry Berry in your bag will warm you up from the inside out, which is exactly what you want if your activities have left you a wee bit, ahem, chilly.

Grab some chilli tea, or read on to find out more about it!

What ingredients are in the spiced tea, Ferry Berry?

The delicious infusion includes:

Cinnamon, Apple Pieces, Hibiscus, Elderberries (14%), Ginger, Allspice Berry (5%), Cloves, Red Peppercorns, Lemon Verbena, Rosehip, Chilli, Blackberry Leaves, Orange Peel, Freeze-dried Blackberry, Raspberry Pieces, Strawberry Pieces and Natural Flavouring.

What boat is on the label?

The label features a ferry in the CalMac fleet, called The Isle of Mull. So called because it sails to Mull from Oban multiple times each day.

Because the spiced tea was originally a Christmas blend, and has a hint of mulled wine about it, the pun was very pleasing!

Isle of Mull Source Youtube

Who is Cathy Bhàn?

Cathy Bhàn is a legend of Scottish Gaelic broadcasting. Her voice reads the safety announcement on every single CalMac ferry and so it felt only right to mention her on the label! Rumours that she is a fan of our chilli tea are currently unsubstantiated.

Cathy “Bhàn” MacDonald

If you fancy a wee warmer, you should grab a packet today. We don’t want you to miss the boat… (Sorry)

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