Tiree Tea

Taste the islands in a cup

What about the environment?

Ceann Traigh Thòisinis

Funny you should ask!

Being island-based, the environment, and especially plastic pollution, is something we are accutely aware of. We’re doing our very best to make sure that we respect the planet whilst staying on the right side of Food Regulations.

Our tea bags are 100% biodegradable and plastic free.

The mailing bags we use are biodegradable – AND they are designed to be re-used. If you place a larger order, you will discover that the packaging we use to send it has been recycled or repurposed. Cat food boxes are a favourite and we keep all Amazon packaging to re-use!

From Easter 2020, our pouches will be degradable within 12-24 months in the general waste stream – which is a great step forward! (Oxo-treated PE)

What about compostable pouches? We looked into that. Compostable would be fabulous, but our tea has a shelf life of 12 months, and compostable pouches can’t be used past 4 months. We’ll keep an eye on technological progress though!