Tiree Tea

Taste the islands in a cup

The best peppermint and nettle tea might be from Tiree!

The consensus among Tiree Tea drinkers seems to be that Tilley Mint and Nettle Herbal Infusion from Tiree Tea is the best peppermint and nettle tea around!

Tilley is a zingy blend of spearmint, peppermint and nettle. The infusion is a lovely pick-me-up works very well as a drink for just before bed!

Lovely after-dinner tea. It brews so strong that I can get a couple of brews out of each bag, which makes it excellent value for the quality of tea.


Delicious minty smell as soon as I opened the pack. This is a really good drink at night, with just a little honey in it. Tradition has it that mint aids digestion and promotes calm sleep. I certainly sleep well each time I drink it!


Why is Tilley the mint infusion called TiIlley? Read on!

Why is Tilley peppermint and nettle tea called Tilley?

Tilley lamps once powered island homes. Now Tilley the turbine powers community projects in Tiree. The way she uses the fresh breeze made her the inspiration for the mint and nettle tea!

Initiated, implemented and managed by Tiree Renewable Energy Limited, Tilley has become a much loved and recognisable member of the Tiree Community.

She uses Tiree’s almost constant fresh breeze to generate funds which power the island “Windfall Fund”. That fund is used by the Tiree Community Development Trust to support a huge range of community projects and businesses.

Tilley is a 900kw Enercon E44 wind turbine installed on the Ruaig Sliabh at the east of Tiree. A sliabh is a boggy bit of inland ground – usually full of mint and nettle, just like the tea!

In October 2019, she generated enough to electricity to supply 89 average UK homes for a whole year.

I can see Tilley from the house and rely on her to tell me which way the wind is blowing when I wake up in the morning!

Tilley Mint and Nettle Infusion is available in bags of 10 or 20 tea bags – and those tea bags are plastic free. If you like peppermint and nettle tea, this is one worth trying. We’re pretty proud of it to be honest 🙂

Tempted? Grab a bag and try the best nettle and mint infusion this side of the Gunna Sound!

PS. It is said that nettles and mint have some huge potential benefits. Find out more in our guides to the potential powers of nettle tea, and the potential powers of mint tea!

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