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The Crofter Collection

Tiree Tea - perfect gifts for farmers

Gifts for farmers can be hard to find. If you ask a farmer, the dream gift will usually be very expensive replacements for things they spend a lot of time fixing. For example, I would very much like a turnover crate but sadly no-one will buy one for me.

When it comes to gift ideas for farmers, there are a few things to remember which will make the search much easier.

  • A hot drink will never go a miss
  • Tractors are many farmers’ first love
  • A vintage tractor will often create the same effect as when Mr Toad saw a motor car for the first time <3

Q: What do you get if you cross a tractor with a nice hot cuppa?

A: The Tiree Tea Crofter Collection!

Choose from tea, a mug, a coaster, a tin, a combination, or a full gift set. I am of course very biased, but as gifts for farmers go, I think this is right up there!

The Crofter collection was inspired by a 1947 Little Grey Fergie. It has lived on the Tiree Tea croft since it rolled off the production line. The tractor belongs to my Dad and is his pride and joy!

It is a pure petrol TEA20 which has been restored at various points over the years. It is still a working tractor – although it just has light duties these days.

Crofter is the the flagship tea from Tiree Tea. Crofter Breakfast Tea works hard all day round – just like the Little Grey Fergie and every farmer I have ever met.

The beautiful illustration was done by Catriona Black of Black Prints, and shows our own Fergie sitting on the Machair. The Gunna Sound is in the background.

Congratulations! You have found the perfect gift for a farmer and are now free to search for what ever you like. If you are sending the present direct to the recipient, leave a message at the checkout and I’ll be sure to include a wee note in the parcel.

If you are not from around these parts (Scottish highlands), “Crofter” might be a new word. A Crofter is what a small scale farmer is called in parts of Scotland. Crofting refers to a particular type of land ownership.

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