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Minty, flowery and spicy – our trio of herbal blends

Machair Herbal infusion - inspired by the Great Yellow Bumble Bee

Herbal teas and herbal infusions are increasingly popular. Because they are caffeine free, they are a great choice at any time of the day or night. Soothing and calming, herbal blends are my first choice when I need to take a moment and breathe.

A herbal infusion is so called because it relies on brewing to bring out the flavours in the blend. We recommend that you use boiling water and brew your Tiree Tea for at least 3 minutes. That will bring out the very best of them!

Our three herbal blends each have distinct qualities.

Tilley Mint and Nettle Infusion

This herbal tea is an absolute delight. I have to confess that it is my favourite! The nettle means it is not over-poweringly minty, but it has exactly enough mint to make it sing. It is 70% mint and 30% nettle.

Named after a community wind turbine in the Isle of Tiree, Tilley Nettle and Mint Infusion can be bought in packets of 10 or 20 plastic free tea bags and is available here – buy Tilley Mint and Nettle Infusion.

Tilley peppermint and nettle tea from Tiree Tea

Machair Herbal Infusion

This is a sweet and fragrant herbal tea which we hope evokes the feeling of an island summer. The flavour is inspired by the plants of the Scottish machair and so are the colours in the cheerful tea bags. It’s an infusion I enjoy when I need to calm myself and remember that the sun will return!

You can find out about the Scottish Machair here and if you fancy a wee try, the Machair Herbal Infusion is also available in packets of 10 or 2 plastic free tea bags.

machair herbal infusion

Ferry Berry Spiced Berry Blend

Ferry Berry is a flavoured blend packed with taste! Because it is flavoured, it is not technically a herbal tea or a herbal infusion but that doesn’t stop us loving it! If you have a moment, you should read the story of the inspiration behind Ferry Berry. It is great fun and involves a Ferry and a Gaelic language broadcaster.

This tea will warm you up from the inside out and is steadily gaining popularity with wild swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts! You can find the berry infusion here.

ferry berry infusion
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