Machair (Herbal Infusion)

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Machair is a sweet and fragrant herbal infusion. It is inspired by the expanses of machair in the Scottish islands – fertile, flower filled fields which stretch down to the shore.



Machair Herbal Infusion is inspired by the fertile flowery ground in the Scottish islands, called machair.

Machair in Tiree supports the Great Yellow Bumblebee – one of the rarest in Britain. It loves the fertile ground, which stretches down to the shore, carpeted in sweet wildflowers throughout the Summer. Find out more about the machair here.

Like the machair and the flowers the bees enjoy, Machair Herbal Infusion is sweet and fragrant with subtle citrus notes.

Hints of: pretty petals and mis-pronunciation

Net weight 30g (20 teabags) | 15g (10 teabags)

Ingredients Green Rooibos (30%), Lemon Verbena (25%), Nettle (25%), Lemon Thyme (8%), Mallow Flowers (4%), Red Cornflowers (4%), Sunflower Petals (4%).

Brew for 3 mins in 100 degree water

“What about the plastic?” we hear you cry! Fear not, our teabags are plastic free and 100% biodegradable. You can enjoy that cuppa with a clear conscience. Even our mailing bags are biodegradable.

We do our very best get your order to you within 3 business days – weather permitting.

Leave a note at the checkout if you want us to include a wee gift note for the recipient – it’s all part of the service!

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109 reviews for Machair (Herbal Infusion)

  1. Douglas (verified owner)

  2. Keith D. (verified owner)

  3. Sarah (verified owner)


  4. Ben (verified owner)

    Lovely refreshing tea, unusual taste

  5. Christine Morrison (verified owner)

  6. Michelle Spratt (verified owner)

    Wow, I love, love, this tea. Flavour fantastic, smell so good and the colours in the bag are just beautiful. I will be ordering again.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Loved it. A deliciously different taste that evokes holidays. I was looking for something with lots of notes and was not disappointed. I have ordered some more

  8. Andrew MacLeod (verified owner)

    Again, love the packaging and this tastes great. Love the flavours.

  9. Michelle (verified owner)

    Excellent tea and now my favourite , thank you 😊😊

  10. Elspeth (verified owner)

  11. Kate B. (verified owner)

    Lovely flavour

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A lovely, tasty blend of herbs and flowers. Pack design is appealing too. I’ll be back for more.

  13. Shirley Seabury (verified owner)

    I don’t drink ordinary tea and drink fruit tea or mint tea instead. In this strange situation we find ourselves I searched online to find an alternative – and found Tiree Tea’s herbal infusion, The Machair.
    It was delivered quickly to my home and in a robust packet which fitted through our letterbox.

    The tea is Amazing! If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit the Scottish islands this herbal infusion will take you right back there. It’s not sweet like fruit teas but it’s a fusion of wild flowers and herbs that tingle my tastebuds. I can drink it and imagine myself walking along the edge of the machair and breathing in those wonderful scents.

  14. Diane (verified owner)

    Lovely refreshing taste

  15. Andy Wilson (verified owner)

    So vibrant

  16. Heather (verified owner)

  17. Jenny M. (verified owner)

    Delicious any time of day or night. I drink a lot of herb teas and Machair is now the one I reach for first.
    Try serving chilled with ice if the sun is shining.
    Great package design too.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. Elisabeth Spence (verified owner)

    Very refreshing

  20. Alison (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed, well packaged and arrived quickly. The free samples of the varieties not ordered were greatly appreciated. Great service – keep up the good work!

  21. Laura Robertson (verified owner)

  22. Anne Hutton (verified owner)

    Very pleasant. My brother in law thought it was wonderful so I have sent some to him

  23. Andy Wilson (verified owner)

  24. Rob Wherrett (verified owner)

    Not hugely fragrant but pleasant and refreshing.

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Pretty as well as delicious. One bag easily does two mugs as it is quite strong. The Roobos content gives me a headache but that’s not your fault, I should have checked first!

  26. Sandra Day (verified owner)

    I’ve never been to the Machair, but just opening the pack of these teabags gave such a gorgeous scent of new mown flower meadows that I felt I was right there! They are a lovely mix of flower and herb flavours and I love them. So good to see no plastic in the bags themselves and my order arrived earlier than expected.

  27. Sandra Schlemper (verified owner)

    Nice and mild. Evening tea.

  28. Margaret Y. (verified owner)

    Delicious tea. Refreshing and has a lovely aroma.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fresh and delicious

  30. Marcus de Ferranti (verified owner)

  31. Kirstin C. (verified owner)

    One of my favourites!! A gorgeous cup of tea. Beautiful packaging too.

  32. Eòghann MacColl (verified owner)

    Lovely. Only had a couple so far but it’s very nice. I love the Tilly I have tae say. Taing mhòr!

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This tea is delicious, original, aromatic, refreshing. The flavour reminds me of the scent of the machair flowers at the end of the summer. Excellent communication and speedy service. Will be giving some to all my friends.

  34. Wendy Dick (verified owner)

    I bought this one for me and I really like the flowery smell and taste of it.

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lovely taste and a very different type of herbal tea to most others. Will definitely be trying your other infusions in the near future!

  36. Maggie Hunt (verified owner)

    Just love this tea – as does a close friend*; it’s refreshing and gentle with a lot of depth. How do you do that?Two of the packs are for her* birthday in 3 weeks. I know she’ll be pleased

  37. Marion M. (verified owner)

    Nice way to chill!

  38. Anna (verified owner)

  39. Angus (verified owner)

    Looks good: going to be a gift for a ‘herbal’ friend.

  40. SHIRLEY SEABURY (verified owner)

    Takes me back to the islands and reminds me that I will be able to travel there again.

  41. Kate Thomas (verified owner)

    Looking forward to tasting this!!!Given as Christmas presides!!!x

  42. Nicki Nightingale (verified owner)

    Warming. A hug in a mug. Love the ethos, the graphics, the taste- fantastic

  43. Kristina H. (verified owner)

    Very lovely tea, the lemon verbena making it refreshing.

  44. Kurt B. (verified owner)

  45. Janey Andrews (verified owner)

  46. Sheila (verified owner)

  47. Betty L. (verified owner)

    This tea was recommended by a friend and I have to say I absolutely love it. Some teas I have tried in the past have tasted ‘chemically’ and ‘synthetic’, but you can taste the herbs in this infusion, and it doesn’t leave a ‘taste’ in your mouth. Will definitely be buying more.

  48. Polly (verified owner)

    Great service and lovely tea – one bag goes a long way! Love it

  49. Fiona M. (verified owner)

    Pleasantly interesting flavours

  50. Sandra

    Tapadh leat- tha e math dha rìribh!

  51. Laura (verified owner)

    What a gorgeous, absolutely divine blend. I can almost hear the bees buzzing about the Scottish heather as I drink this tea! I drink a lot of herbal teas because I can’t have the caffeine and this is now one of my favourites.

  52. Amy (verified owner)

    A delicious caffeine free tea that I’ve really enjoyed at bedtime. It also looks beautiful in the bag with its colourful petals. I got some at Christmas with a mug and coaster to match!

  53. Aileen Macdonald (verified owner)

    Interesting combination of flavours. Each sip seems to be different with flavours peaking.

  54. Mairi Leach (verified owner)

    Really super tea. Lovely flavours and felt it was an Island in a cup. Bha e direach cho blasda agus sgoineil. Moran taing.

  55. Caroline Hornberger (verified owner)

  56. Karen D. (verified owner)

  57. Jennifer Hynd (verified owner)


  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lovely smooth, well-rounded flavour.

  59. angela.kelman (verified owner)

    The Machair is magical, delicate, delicious and very moreish. 😍

  60. Tania Cheston (verified owner)

    Lovely tea, and very impressed by the packaging.

  61. Angela Kelman (verified owner)

    Mild and mellow – another favourite!

  62. Jack Honey (verified owner)

    The Machair Infusion Tea is an exciting but yet delicate bouquet of gentle ideas that present both in flavour and aroma. Normally I drink Rooibos Tea from South Africa, so I was interested to sample the “Green Rooibos” listed as 30% of the blend. I am delighted with the result of that tasting exploration.
    I love the presentation, humorous light hearted descriptions and attractive incorporation of Tiree as the “source” of this package of joy.
    I’ll be back for more and at the first opportunity I plan to visit your special island and pickup a pack in person.
    Thanks also to my friend Marion McIntosh who, knowing my love of all things Rooibos and tasty, did really go the extra mile to introduce me to your tapestry of taste extravaganza.

  63. Caroline Hornberger (verified owner)

    Oh my as a non tea drinker I love this tea. Kept me warm over the colder months and tastes fabulous

  64. Emma Hall (verified owner)

    Folk are loving these!

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

  66. Louise R. (verified owner)

    I love it! Thank you, Tiree Tea.

  67. Caroline (verified owner)

    unusual and delicious and really reminds me of Tiree

  68. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The just great.

  69. Angela Kelman (verified owner)

    Sitting down to a cup of this tea just now – its beautiful and refreshing. You just have to try it!

  70. christian verstraete (verified owner)

    nice and soft, love it !

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I like this one but not as much as the mint and nettle

  72. Cathryn (verified owner)

    A refreshing drink of meadow.

  73. Louise R. (verified owner)

  74. Angela Johnston (verified owner)

    Such pretty tea bags and the taste reminds me of summer! My order arrived a couple of days after placing it. Will definitely be ordering more!

  75. Cheryl Smith (verified owner)

    Beautiful light tasting tea but not too floral.

  76. Chris Dobson (verified owner)

    Love this tea. For future reference, could it be purchased in a bulk format?

  77. Jenny McKerr (verified owner)

  78. Matthew C. (verified owner)

    Very interesting flavour- refreshing

  79. Lucy Mitchell (verified owner)

    Love it, this is now my favourite herbal tea.

  80. Polly (verified owner)

  81. Christiane (verified owner)

    Won’t find this flavour anywhere else. Love it!

  82. Jenny (verified owner)

    A unique and delicious blend for drinkers of herb tea. And it reminds me of the machair in Tiree when I drink it. Great label design. Greenest possible packaging and teabags.

  83. Lucy Mitchell (verified owner)

    I really love this tea, it takes me back to our holiday on Tiree. It is my favourite herbal te.

  84. Sarah (verified owner)

    Lovely on its own or with a spoonful of honey!

  85. Margaret Sproat (verified owner)

    Love this tea! Very fragrant and reminds me of machair walks!

  86. S Duguid (verified owner)

    Great tea with a genuine aroma of the machair. Also a prompt delivery and excellent customer service! Will be back for more…

  87. Alastair (verified owner)

    I had Machair at a cafe in Argyll over the summmer. It’s a winner. Literally the best tisane i have had and delicious. Using it as my mid afternoon pick me up beverage.

  88. Helene C. (verified owner)

  89. Owen Dixon (verified owner)

    It’s a lovely infusion, packed well, and got to me in no time. Very happy!

  90. Christopher (verified owner)

    Really delicious tea.

  91. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Tea caddy and tea was a gift for a friend who had tried one of my Machair tea bags and loved it. She couldn’t remember its name, so called it “the delicious lavender tea”, because of all the flowers she could see, even though it doesn’t actually have lavender in it! The tin is really stylish.

  92. Sarah B. (verified owner)

  93. Sandra Day (verified owner)

    Like walking through fields of wild flowers.

  94. Hilary B. (verified owner)

    This Machair tea is really special. It’s hard to find words that describe the unique taste. Apart from tasting incredible, Tiree teas are beautifully packaged and orders arrive really quickly.

  95. Jackie Hamer (verified owner)

  96. Margaret (verified owner)

    Much more mellow infusion but good taste- like it

  97. Neil (verified owner)

  98. Nancy B. (verified owner)


  99. MARK S. (verified owner)

    Refreshingly good.

  100. Elaine McIntyre (verified owner)

    It’s a bit too strong for me but hubby likes it.

  101. Sandra Day (verified owner)

    My favourite of all your teas.

  102. Sean Cole (verified owner)

    I love this tea, and I’m a devout coffee drinker!
    It would be nice to see the ingredients feature more species native to the machair, provided you are permitted to collect them.

  103. sandra melnikaite (verified owner)


  104. Sheila McCann (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the smooth infusion

  105. David (verified owner)

    Delivery and packaging were great. Machair tea is a lovely brew. I like it hot and cold from the fridge in the summer.

  106. Alison Morris (verified owner)

  107. Clare S. (verified owner)

  108. Brenda Martin (verified owner)

    Refreshing , ‘gentle’ floral flavour reminiscent of a walk across the machair

  109. Hilary Sutton (verified owner)

    I run the Brew Box on Mull, my customers absolutely love this tea. Full of flavour, lots of taste, fabulous!

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